PURE-DETOX™ Premium Grade Detox is scientifically formulated to quickly and safely remove toxins that have accumulated in your system. Our fast-acting, one hour liquid drinks contain a highly specialized combination of powerful cleansing herbs and essential vitamins that work with your body’s natural detoxification system to remove harmful toxins. Regardless of your weight or the level of toxins in your system we have a product that will assist your body in eliminating unwanted toxins.

710 Detox is the strongest one-hour detox on the market today. This potent easy to use liquid drink is formulated to cleanse and detoxify men and women who are extremely toxic. For over 20 years millions of satisfied customers have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes with using our Ready To Drink formulas for people with immediate cleansing needs, moderate to high toxin levels and weigh up to 240 pounds.

710 comes in two flavors. Purple Haze and Tropical Punch.

3D - 24oz - 710 Detox - Purple Haze -Maximum - group   3D - 24oz - 710 Detox - Maximum

The PURE DETOX line of professional grade fast acting detox drinks come in variety of strengths and flavors. Each formula is specifically formulated to cleanse and detoxify today’s toughest toxins.

3D - 16oz - Dragon Fruit - group

Regular Strength – Dragon Fruit  

3D - 16oz - Tangerine Dream - group

Regular Strength  – Tangerine Dream

3D - 20oz - Pineapple Orange - group

Extra Strength – Pineapple Orange

3D - 20oz - Pomegranate - group

Extra Strength – Pomegranate

3D - 20oz - Jamaican Punch - group

Maximum Strength – Jamaican Punch

3D - 20oz - Blackberry Grape -group

Maximum Strength – Blackberry Grape

3D - 20oz - Cranberry Lemonade - group

Maximum Strength – Cranberry Lemonade  ( for Women)

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Pure Stream – Synthetic Urine

PURE STREAM SYNTHETIC URINE is cleaner and toxin free in comparison to naturally emitted human urine. Some cultures participate in urine therapy as they believe that urine has medicinal properties.